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Univ. of Pgh Community Leisure Learn Program



140 Trees Hall Allequippa & Darragh Streets Pittsburgh PA 15261



The Community Leisure-Learn Program was initiated by the University of Pittsburgh over 40 years ago, through its Department of Health and Physical Activity (HPA). Located at Tress Hall, it is the University of Pittsburgh’s oldest outreach program.

It’s main objective is to offer local residents the opportunity to improve their overall health and physical well-being. Some of the our programs include:

PITT’s KID’s PROGRAM: A youth based program for children ages 3 — 13 years old that offers both physical education and Aquatics instruction to develop life long motor skills.

PARENT FITNESS: This program is geared towards the parents of the PITT’s KID’s program. This program allows parents to get off the bleachers and into a fitness center. PITT HPA students offer assistance and classes for those parents for FREE!

THE GUEST PASS PROGRAM: This is an adult program that allows community members in the zip codes 15213, and 15219 to use facilities at Trees Hall for FREE!


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Active Living Activities:

  • Fitness clubs
  • Winter activities
  • Recreation centers
  • Classes for adults
  • Classes for children
  • Outdoor recreation


  • Families
  • Young Adult
  • Teens
  • Children 9-12
  • Children 8 and under

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