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Nine Mile Run Watershed Association



321 Pennwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, Suite 202 15221



Our mission is to restore and protect the Nine Mile Run watershed. Through outreach and education, we involve local leaders and volunteers in community greening initiatives to foster a healthy urban environment.

We believe people are inextricably linked with the natural environment. The way we treat our lawns and gardens, what we buy, what we throw away, the cars we drive– all of these have a profound effect on the environment around us. Even if you never take a walk along Nine Mile Run, what you do in your home and your neighborhood affects the health of our stream and our watershed.

Our goal is to give citizens and elected officials the information and tools they need to make positive changes in the Watershed communities. We support residents’ efforts to implement innovative solutions to stormwater problems, provide citizen training for urban ecological stewardship, and act as an information clearinghouse about key watershed issues.

Active Living Activities:

  • Trails and parks
  • Winter activities
  • Walking
  • Outdoor recreation

Health and Wellness Tools & Resources:

  • Classes for adults
  • Classes for children
  • Community based
  • Health literacy


  • Seniors
  • Families
  • Young Adult
  • Teens
  • Children 9-12
  • Children 8 and under
  • Parents/Caregivers
  • Teachers



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