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Bike Pittsburgh is transforming our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for everyone to bike and walk.

Our Vision

Pittsburgh’s bright future is built on an active transportation network that safely connects people to professional, commercial, recreational, residential, and cultural destinations. Residents, commuters, and visitors joyfully experience our unique topography and neighborhoods while navigating the city by bike and on foot. Well-designed bikeways and walkways will make riding a bike or walking easy, convenient and fun.

Whenever possible the bikeways will be protected from streets and walkways to give people a strong sense of security and freedom.

Pittsburgh’s transformation from a former industrial center into a vibrant, sustainable city is recognized internationally. Our embrace of an active and healthy lifestyle as reflected in Pittsburgh’s commitment to providing safe, world-class facilities for biking and walking, is and will remain a key component of this transformation.

Our Goals

1. ADVOCACY: By 2020, our campaign successes will have led to transportation policies and funding priorities that result in more people biking and walking. Bike Pittsburgh will:

_ Implement a significant portion of Pittsburgh’s and Allegheny County’s bicycle and pedestrian plans;

_ Help Pittsburgh achieve at least gold status as a Bicycle Friendly Community;

_ Help surrounding municipalities achieve status as Bicycle Friendly Communities;

_ Increase public and political support for bicycling and walking;

_ Create in a complete, safe and interconnected bike network that uses both creative solutions and best practices;

_ Improve walking infrastructure, and;

_ Get more people biking and walking more often and exceed the city, state, and region’s target goals for trips by bike and on foot.

2. SAFETY: By 2020, everyone in Pittsburgh will have benefited from our initiatives that increase the real and perceived safety of biking and walking. Our safety goals are to:

_ Reduce bicycling and pedestrian related crashes and injuries, and completely eliminate bike/ped fatalities;

_ Expand our education and awareness campaigns to include people who bike, walk, drive, and use public transit, and;

_ Expand Pittsburgh’s bicycle network so that every Pittsburger is within one mile of a bikeway.

3. COMMUNITY: By 2020, everyone in Pittsburgh will know about the work of Bike Pittsburgh and have participated in some way in one of our events, action alerts, or initiatives. Our community goals are to:

_ Represent and serve a diverse constituency of residents, visitors and supporters who bike and walk from all parts of Pittsburgh;

_ Build and sustain an engaged individual membership of 5,000, and business membership of 200 by 2020, and;

_ Recognize 100 Bike Friendly Employers by 2020.

4. SUSTAINABILITY: Over the next decade, Bike Pittsburgh will increase its capacity for advocacy, infrastructure design, funding, and events by:

_ Securing diverse and sustainable funding;

_ Maintaining a motivated and knowledgeable staff and supporting volunteers;

_ Cultivating community partnerships, and;

_ Fostering effective and representative governance to support our projected advocacy, safety, and community goals.


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