A Live Well Allegheny Partner is an organization…

  • whose mission aligns with the mission of our campaign;
  • offers events or activities that work along with our campaign;
  • features Live Well Allegheny as part of its efforts;
  • submits and maintains events on the Live Well Allegheny website; and
  • keeps informed as to the efforts of the initiative.

Our Partners include a growing roster of health organizations, gyms and fitness facilities, community gardens, personal trainers, certified nutritionists, and more.

Our goal is to involve Partners from all sectors – from government, to business, to schools, to faith-based and community organizations. We welcome everyone who shares our vision and can help us promote a better way to live and be well!

If you or your organization is interested in being part of the Live Well Allegheny initiative, please complete the form below for consideration.

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