Allegheny Quits – Partner Campaign Materials

Allegheny Quits for Life
Campaign Materials for Partners

Downloadable materials for communities, schools, restaurants, workplaces and community partners

This November 12-18,  Live Well Allegheny is joining forces once again with ACHD and Tobacco Free Allegheny to host the region’s second annual smoking cessation week, called: “Allegheny Quits for Life.”

Last year, the 2nd annual Allegheny Quits for Life campaign brought together more than a dozen partner organizations and helped with many different events. Due to these collective efforts, the PA Free Quitline saw a 9% jump in calls compared to other weeks in November.

Once again this year, Allegheny Quits for Life will entail a week-long series of events and communications designed to support residents’ efforts to quit smoking.  Allegheny Quits for Life partners will be critical to convey the message that a smoke-free Allegheny County is a healthier Allegheny County, and to secure commitments from county residents to take the first steps to quit.

Download ALL Partner Campaign Materials

Allegheny Quits – ALL Partner Campaign Materials

This 4 MB ZIP file contains ALL of the 2016 Allegheny Quits campaign materials for partners to use to show your support for the campaign and to share with your customers, clients and neighbors. Materials include: logos, memes, social media images, and items to help promote the Allegheny Quits video contest.

Allegheny Quits Logos & Social Media Materials

The Allegheny Quits for Life Save-the-Date flyer describes what the smoking cessation week is all about and ways to get involved over social media and as a partner organization.

Allegheny Quits – Popular Memes

Memes are a quick way to share key messages with your audience. These will come in handy if you are doing social messaging of your own and want to stay consistent with the Allegheny Quits messaging.

Allegheny Quits Social Media Graphics

These colorful graphics are great for sharing the Allegheny Quits message on your social media pages or by posting on your website. Click the link below to download a 1.3 MB ZIP zip file containing 15 unique images.

Allegheny Quits 2016 Video Contest Materials

As part of the Allegheny Quits for Life campaign, Tobacco Free Allegheny is hosting a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video contest for youth in grades 6 through 12. Youth can enter as a team or as an individual and are encouraged to used evidence-based research to make their 15-seconds to 1-minute PSA videos factual and fun for youth their own age.

Entries should be submitted/posted by 11:59 pm on October 30, 2016.

Video Contest Instructions

Download complete 2016 Video Contest instructions by clicking the button:

Video Contest Entry Form

Download the 2016 Video Contest Entry Form by clicking on the button:

Model Consent Form/Photo Release

A consent form is necessary for anyone who appears in your video, including you. (Parent or guardian must also sign for any participant under the age of 18.)