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Allegheny Quits for Life
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This November 12-18,  Live Well Allegheny is joining forces once again with ACHD and Tobacco Free Allegheny to host the region’s second annual smoking cessation week, called: “Allegheny Quits for Life.”

Last year, the 2nd annual Allegheny Quits for Life campaign brought together more than a dozen partner organizations and helped with many different events. Due to these collective efforts, the PA Free Quitline saw a 9% jump in calls compared to other weeks in November.

Once again this year, Allegheny Quits for Life will entail a week-long series of events and communications designed to support residents’ efforts to quit smoking.  Allegheny Quits for Life partners will be critical to convey the message that a smoke-free Allegheny County is a healthier Allegheny County, and to secure commitments from county residents to take the first steps to quit.

Do you want to join us for the week and be recognized as an Allegheny Quits for Life partner?

Are you promotion smoking cessation with an event during Allegheny Quits for Life week?  Submit it to our events calendar!

Are you a former smoker? Share your story and tips for quitting with others!


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